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06 - 07 November, 2019

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At B2B, we love giving away plenty of free content, so you can always keep up with the latest developments in the industry. Below we have a few of our most popular articles.

How ABB is Using AI & the Cloud to Connect with Customers

The modern customers’ expectations of B2C businesses are high, and the personal experience of B2C transactions are shaping the standard for B2B buying. It’s becoming crucial for businesses to meet their customers where they are already operating, for example, social media sites. This is where AI and the Cloud come in.

How Dow is Addressing the Chemical Industry's Digital Transformation Lag

When Dow first began its digital transformation, it was searching for a way to improve the vertical integration between the enterprise and shop floor arms of the business. This involved identifying where technology could address the gaps between its enterprise solutions and floor assets.

Kimberly-Clark’s Digital Transformation Strategy

Digital transformation is a near inevitability for companies that want to succeed in the future and those companies willing to make significant investment in the field are the most likely to make the most of the opportunity.

Managing Your Brand Through Distributor Channels Across Different Regions

Gelato's editable templates, which allow controlled online editing of pre-approved text and images without the need for additional software tools or licenses, give Club Car confidence and peace of mind over their 3rd party marketing.

How Microsoft is Mastering Digital-First Thinking

We caught up with Scott Allen, Chief Marketing Officer at Microsoft UK, ahead of his appearance as a speaker at B2B Online Europe 2018. Read on to discover Scott’s take on the importance of a connected customer journey, and digital-first thinking.

The Key Elements To Bio-Rad’s Digital Transformation Strategy

We caught up with Richard Waight, Multi Channel Manager – eCommerce at Bio-Rad Laboratories to discuss the company’s move towards digitisation. Read on for his thoughts on how Bio-Rad is gaining buy-in and gathering momentum to perfect its digital presence.

Are brands too dependent on Amazon for their eCommerce strategy?

In Q1 of 2017 we surveyed 130 senior decision makers at major manufacturers in Europe and the USA on how the relationship with Amazon will evolve, and their eCommerce strategies of the future. Read our report to find out the compiled and anonymized results, presented with analysis and commentary by Luzern.

Siemens is Creating a Digital Supply Chain Stretching from the Factory to the Office

Digital technology is driving so much of our industry these days, and Siemens is working to digitise the entirety of its supply chain.

How 3M is Using B2C Marketing Techniques to Humanise Its B2B Brand

While 3M is a company which operates firmly in the B2B space, its new marketing initiative is looking to connect directly with the end users of its products.

How Amazon is Investing to Develop the B2B Arm of Its Business

Not content with dominating the B2C ecommerce market, Amazon is also set on planting its flag at the top of the B2B space with Amazon Business.