Managing your brand through your distributor channels across different regions

B2B Online sponsor and official printing partner Gelato caught up with one of their customers to discuss how they maintain brand control through distribution channels as a best practice. How do you ensure your distributors choose to use your carefully branded materials?

The Challenge

Maintaining control while giving 50 dealerships in 35 countries the ability to personalise Club Car sales and marketing brochures as needed for their local markets.

The Solution

Gelato's editable templates, which allow controlled online editing of pre-approved text and images without the need for additional software tools or licenses, give Club Car confidence and peace of mind over their 3rd party marketing.

The Result

Dealerships easily use Club Car's templates and customise them with logos of their own partners, such as golf courses. By using the approved material, Club Car's premium brand is upheld throughout the sales process.

"So, when it comes to the printable material, we've chosen Gelato because it gives full flexibility to our partners to work directly with Gelato. We control the templates which are posted on the website. So, all of that is templated- it's Club Car branded, Club Car approved."

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