Here's How ABB is using AI and the Cloud to Connect with Customers

With Artificial Intelligence and the Cloud rapidly becoming an integral part of our everyday life, exciting new developments can be deployed into many different areas of work.

ABB is one of the most innovative businesses operating within the fields of robotics, power, heavy electrical equipment, and automation technology. The company strives to be a leader in customer experience as well as being a global innovation leader. It’s shaping the standard for delivering a complete, connected user experience, using new technology to do this. ABB is using developments in AI and the Cloud in order to connect with its customers, ultimately meaning the overall user experience is smoother and much more efficient.

ABB has five key elements attached to its business strategy and is using AI and the Cloud to reinvent how each of them is performing and interacting with its customers. Through using the latest technologies, ABB is able to transform the way in which it’s connecting with its customers in this field and how it is performing.

ABB Delivering Customers Expectations

The modern customers’ expectations of B2C businesses are higher than ever, and the personal experience of B2C transactions are shaping the standard for B2B buying. It’s becoming crucial for businesses to meet their customers where they are already operating, for example, social media sites. This is where AI and the Cloud come in.

“We want to offer our products and solutions through the channels that customers want,” said president of the Electrification Products Division at ABB, Tarak Mehta. “Increasingly customers are looking at digital channels, both for doing research and procurement, but also to get solutions to their smaller concerns- and in some cases, even large problems. At ABB, we understand our role – to create content and to create processes that ensure customers can engage directly with us and get the answers they seek and the solutions they want”

Through using AI and the Cloud in order to connect with its customers, ABB have been able to collaborate across divisions and break down internal silos, while simultaneously creating a 360-degree view of the customer. Sharing knowledge across multiple departments within the business and being on a single platform allows ABB to standardise processes and tools, ultimately giving the customer a greater experience and connecting with them in the places they already are.

ABB Using Technological Advancements to Communicate With Its Customers

“Digitalisation is changing how industrial companies interact with their suppliers and with the markets as a whole,” said President and CEO of ABB, Ulrich Spiesshofer. “True market leadership is now only possible if you succeed at using data to optimise processes, predict customer needs, and deliver a smarter and more personalised customer experience.”

The digital world is evolving rapidly, meaning that customer experiences are changing, and people are expecting more from businesses. In using AI and the Cloud, ABB can not only connect with their customers on a personal level but also predict customer needs. Through using the data optimisation process, it helps the company to predict what the future may hold for customers and how their expectations may change, placing ABB in a position to be able to develop the solution to these issues sooner and more effectively.

For example, if a field service worker highlights a customer need from a maintenance perspective, or an operational-improvement point of view, it’s far easier to convert this into an opportunity for the salesperson to visit the customer and offer them something that ABB think will make an impact based on what the company saw in the consumer’s journey. This provides a far richer experience and a much tighter connection to the customers’ challenges and solutions, rather than simply calling them up to say, ‘What are you looking for from ABB?”

Final Thoughts

The rapidly evolving world that we live in requires businesses and brands to fully utilise the technology which is available to them. ABB is using the full power of AI and the Cloud to bring people together and committing to creating products that ensure business-enhancing solutions for customers.

Harnessing the power that Artificial Intelligence and the Cloud possesses, ABB is digitally transforming its business by breaking down internal silos and unifying its partner ecosystem, bringing customers, distributors, and employees together on a single platform to better connect with its customers in dynamic, more powerful ways where they are already currently operating.

You can hear ABB’s Global Head, Customer Experience for the Electrification Division, Monique Elliott, speak at B2B Online Europe 2019, being held in November at the Hesperia Tower Hotel & Convention Centre, Barcelona.

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