B2B Online Europe 2019

06 - 07 November, 2019

Hesperia Tower Hotel & Convention Centre, Barcelona

44(0)20 73689894

Devashish Saxena, Chief Digital Officer at PPG

Devashish Saxena

Chief Digital Officer

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Conference Day One – 6 November

Tuesday, January 1st, 2019

9:10 AM ALL-STAR PANEL: Personalisation at scale: How can you use AI and ML to increase campaign relevancy and deliver enhanced personalisation across multiple channels?

•How to explore opportunities within the customer journey and identify new touchpoints across multiple channels to tailor content and take your customer experience to the next level
•How AI can help to identify patterns that will help to identify opportunities for automated personalisation
•How to create an effective 1:1 personalisation roadmap that helps engage customer directly
•How to benefit from thinking of your entire funnel as a personal conversation from early on in order to increase your responses
•The importance of tracking every action that your customer does along the sales funnel in order to help you to better understand how you should personalise their experience next time 
•How to build different personalisation scenarios in order to better personalise content and ensure relevance

11:10 AM ALL-STAR PANEL: How can you implement new CX initiatives to achieve true engagement and increase market share?

·          How to analyse customer touch points to identify areas for improvement and encourage internal collaboration to elevate customer experience across all channels
·          How to use the latest advances in technology  to analyse your customer data and provide meaningful engagement that increases conversions
·          How to adapt digital experiences and technology to deliver digital excellence both online and offline
·          How to redefine customer experience by leveraging next-generation technologies across multiple channels in the enterprise and global landscapes
·          The importance of making data driven, informed decisions and taking action in real time based on data not instincts
·          How to develop an agile ‘start-up’ culture across digital team and implement methodologies to react quickly to business need

Conference Day Two - 7 November

Tuesday, January 1st, 2019

9:10 AM ALL-STAR PANEL: How can you embrace digital disruption and overcome challenges in workforce transformation to elevate customer experiences, increase efficiency and drive growth?

·          How to differentiate your marketing communication strategy by embracing digital disruption and learning lessons from B2C
·          How to create a customer journey and ensures consistent engagement and aftercare post sale
·          What are the main challenges of integrating new digital innovations and how should they be factored into your digital strategy?
·          How to overcome resistance to change within your organisation and integrate marketing, sales, IT and digital teams effectively

10:20 AM ALL-STAR PANEL: How can you leverage the latest eCommerce strategies and platforms to achieve maximum ROI?

·          What are the key eCommerce features that can reduce operating costs?
·          How can choosing the right platform generate sales from new customers as well as incremental sales from existing ones?