B2B Online Europe 2018

November 28-November 29, 2018

Postillion Convention Centre Amsterdam

44(0)20 73689894



Building your digital future, with tailor made solutions from Intershop that exceeds customer expectations.

When it comes to e-commerce, no B2B-company starts from scratch. And none of their customers come without expectations either. That is why Intershop, according to Forrester “Leader in B2B digital commerce” builds digital commerce solutions as an integral part of your business. Seamlessly integrating any relevant system with ease. Enabling your company to showcase your brands, market your products or services, improve efficiencies, implement the strategies that will grow your business, and exceed customer expectations.

In this way we have engineered digital business engines for hundreds of ambitious B2B and B2C companies around the world. From global enterprises to fast growing start-ups. For over 25 years. Our 100% success ratio is unmatched; as is the ROI we deliver. So bring your own expectations and visit one of our workshops at November 27th or visit www.intershop.com.

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Website: http://www.intershop.com